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Minecraft Server Info & Reference

Discussion in 'Server Chat' started by hyp3rstrike, Oct 18, 2015.

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  1. hyp3rstrike

    hyp3rstrike Community Owner
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    Oct 20, 2012
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    BiohazeGaming.com | Minecraft 24/7 (AU)
    mc.biohazegaming.com (

    Server Type:
    Spigot (CraftBukkit) | Gamemode: Vanilla Survival | Location: Sydney, Australia

    Seed: -3144236322338090441

    How to connect:
    1. Launch Minecraft
    2. Click Multiplayer
    3. Click "Add Server"
    4. In the "Server Name" box, enter the label you wish to have for the server. This is your own personal label to identify the server.
    5. In the "server address" field, enter the mc.biohazegaming.com and click done**
    6. Double click on the new entry in your server list and join
    **Note: If you're unable to connect or are suffering from higher than normal latency, try connecting to the IP address instead of the server address.

    Installed Plugins:
    Essentials 2.0 Suite for Spigot, PermissionsEx, Dynmap, RedProtect, QuickTrade, DailyLoginRewards

    Basic Commands:
    • /spawn Teleports the player back to the server spawn location
    • /sethome Allows the player to set their current location as their in-game home
    • /home Teleports the player to the location they used the /sethome command at
    • /back Allows the player to teleport back to their previous location after teleporting
    • /afk Marks the player as AFK (away from keyboard)
    • /kit basics Provides the player with a basic stone toolkit including swords, axes etc.
    • /suicide Kills the player that issues the command, useful if you're stuck (note: doesn't allow you to break free of being jailed)
    Chat Commands:
    • /w <username> Allows the player to send a private message, or "whisper", to another player
    • /r Allows the player to quickly reply to a whisper they've received from another player
    How to claim land/protect your property using RedProtect:
    1. Build a perimeter around the land you wish to claim/protect using wooden fences
    2. Ensure the fence perimeter has no breakages or gaps, and does not link to other fences to create a weird box
    3. Place a sign on fence and type the following:


      <Zone Name>
    4. Click done, and you'll get a prompt the land has been claimed
    5. Remove the fence/sign as necessary (optional)

    RedProtect Commands:
    • /rp list To see all your regions
    • /rp delete To delete your region
    • /rp rename To rename your region
    • /rp addmember <player> To add a member in a region
    • /rp addowner <player> To promote a member as owner
    • /rp removeowner <player> To demote an owner to member
    • /rp removemember <player> To remove a player from region
    • /rp flag info To see the actual flags on your region
    • /rp flag <FlagName> Change a flag state
    • /rp welcome <message,off> Set welcome message of region
    Information about flags can be found here.

    QuickTrade Commands:
    • /trade <player> Request to trade with <player>
    • /trade accept Accept a trade request
    • /trade decline Refuse a trade request
    • /trade toggle Disable the sending of shift-right-click trading requests for you
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